I love being a dentist. It is a rare blessing to be able to do what you truly enjoy and to help people daily get out of pain and restore functionality to teeth and beauty to a mouth.

I consider being a dentist a privilege and a bond of trust between me and the patients I serve. My wife’s and my families are from Raleigh and I take our families’ reputations in the area seriously. Patrick M. Roberson, DDSI am a Raleigh native (Broughton High ’93) and a lifelong Wolfpacker, having graduated from NC State with degrees in Zoology and English in 1998. I received my Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Maryland in 2004.

After serving at Fort Bragg in the 82nd Airborne as 3rd Brigade’s dentist (yes, even the dentists jump out of planes), my high school sweetheart wife Emily Fulghum Roberson and I returned to Raleigh and I started practicing, serving our friends and neighbors first on Brooklyn Street and then in the practice’s current location at 1407 Hillsborough Street, which was briefly interrupted by a National Guard-sponsored vacation in Iraq.

Dedication to Education
Dentistry is a rapidly changing profession, and I take keeping up with the latest advances in materials and techniques very seriously. I earn more hours of Continuing Education than is required by the state of North Carolina.

Outside the Office
My family is the most important part of my life. My wife, Emily, is an insanely talented writer and mother. My daughter, Margaret, keeps us busy and takes delight in chasing the dog and cat around the house. 

Our family attends Hayes Barton United Methodist Church. I am a member of the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh, and in my free time when not with my family I read, write, play golf badly, and hunt.

The Old House Fixation
My wife and I love old houses. We grew up in them; we live in one now, and the practice resides in one. If you subscribe to the Twitter feed, you’ll probably see a lot of tweets about old houses. Old houses have character, craftsmanship, and a feel that newer houses just don’t have. Maybe the new ones gain that character over time, but we’re too impatient to wait. So we live and work in old ones.

The old house that holds the practice and the businesses upstairs is known as the Bernard House. It housed three generations of the Bernard family through most of the 20th century, who built the home on the BC Headache Powder fortune (the B in “BC” stands for “Bernard”).

After the house served its time as a family home, it was owned by a construction company, housed lawyers, became a sorority house, and for 15 years served possibly its most noble purpose as the Interact shelter for women and families who were victims of domestic abuse.

Patrick M. Roberson, DDSThe Bernard House underwent a much-needed renovation and restoration in 2009, in which the architectural team at Vernacular Studio (now Gensler) and the construction and demolition experts at Inland Construction removed non-original walls, restored original sight lines and windows, and saved a crumbling façade for the home’s next 100 years. The painting, inside and out, was completed by Colin Fairweather & Sons, with interior decorating help from the Interior Design Firm of North Carolina LLC.

Project management and the electronic and communications infrastructure were handled by Sean Edmiston at Pinpoint Resource Group, which still handles the communications, data, and backup support for all the companies located in the Bernard House.