Opioid Abuse

Opioid abuse has become a growing epidemic. Its impact has made its way into many different communities in our country, which has many implications for the medical field, especially dentistry. Thus, the American Dental Association has taken a strong stance against the problems of opioid abuse and has made education and preventive measures the first line of defense. The ADA has helped dentists to foster a more education and support based atmosphere for dental patients. We at Roberson Dental stand with the ADA’s initiatives to end this tragedy and re-commit ourselves to practices that keep our patients’ long-term health in mind when it comes to pain management.

Education Based Solutions

Since 2012, the ADA has made free online training available to dental professionals. This training focuses on educating dental professionals about opioid abuse and how to spot and help at-risk patients. This training helps dental professionals create a more supportive atmosphere for at-risk patients and also helps dentists to adopt more solution based and preventative measures. This type of atmosphere foster reassurance and helps patients to avoid the misuse of opioid while also offering guidelines for non-narcotic medications as a first line of treatment for dental pain.

 Creating Comfort and Reassurance through Prevention and Education

Dr. Roberson understands the power that creating a comfortable and reassuring environment can have on dental patients. Roberson Dental understands how helpful education can be when it comes to preventing the abuse of opioids among patients. When education and preventative measures are practiced, patients become more proactive in their own dental health and the possibility of prescription drug abuse is diminished. Plus, many dentists have opted to use non-narcotic drugs to start off the treatment for dental pain, which can be helpful for patients who may be at-risk for opioid abuse.

The ADA’s dedication to educating dental professionals has gone a long way in helping dentists to better serve their patients. As a result, this education has encouraged dentists to be more informed about addiction treatment and care and has helped dentists to become more proactive in educating and supporting their dental patients. Dr. Roberson and his staff are happy to be your Birmingham dental team because the we are committed to putting excellent patient care first. If you have any questions about managing dental pain or just want to schedule a visit, don’t hesitate to click or call us today.`

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