Laser Gum Surgery

Because Drs. Darrell and John Roberson and their team are committed to offering our patients the most advanced treatment available in dentistry today, we use a technology called LANAP Laser Gum Surgery, also knowns as  to repair damaged gum tissue, and treat advanced periodontal disease.

The LANAP treatment device uses laser wavelengths to form a complete picture of your gum tissues. It allows people who live and work in the Birmingham area to immediately see for themselves the difference between healthy and unhealthy gum tissue, so they may feel confident in, and a part of, the proposed course of therapy.  Another benefit of the system is that patients find the procedure to be far more comfortable. Perhaps best of all, recovery time is far faster and more comfortable as compared with traditional gum surgery.

What to Expect from a LANAP Procedure

Our Birmingham dental team divides the laser gum surgery procedure into two phases. Phase I. is the surgery itself, while Phase II. is the recovery. Dr. Roberson was one of the first dentists in the Birmingham area to use this technology, which gives our patients peace of mind and confidence that their results will meet, if not, exceed expectations!

Because of his experience and skill derived from performing so many procedures, the entire process is both quick and thorough. Once any questions or concerns are addressed, Dr. Roberson delivers local anesthesia to help you relax, which also serves to reduce any tension in your jaw muscles. He then starts laser gum surgery procedure and removes the infection by gently directing the laser beam between your tooth and gum line, ensuring it is removed in its entirety and your gums are clean once again.

Laser gum surgery using a laser instead of a blade means no stitches or sutures, which significantly decreases discomfort and expedites recovery. A clean laser incision also means less inflammation, which further contributes to faster healing.

Following your laser gum surgery procedure, we recommend eating only soft foods and possibly taking ibuprofen. Although you should plan to follow this routine for approximately 48 hours, most people feel fine within 24 hours, which means you can get back to your regular activities with minimal disruption and a clean bill of oral health.

Get back to your best oral health with less downtime!  Call Roberson Dental today to learn how Laser Gum Surgery can treat your gum disease quickly and more gently than traditional methods.

Looking and feeling your best begins today!

A Beautiful Smile Makes a Lasting First Impression!

Whether you need preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, smile restoration,  oral surgery or laser gum surgery, the Roberson Dental team is here to ensure that you have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

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