Scaling and Root Planing

Because they are all symptoms of gum disease, if you experience any of the following, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at Roberson Dental to learn more about our various gum therapy solutions:

  • sensitive teeth
  • gums that swell or bleed after brushing
  • loose teeth
  • persistent bad breath (halitosis)

One of the most commons modalities to treat gum disease without surgery is called scaling and root planing (SRP).

pic servicesSRP (scaling and root planing) acts as a ‘deep cleanse’ for your teeth and gums. With scaling and root planing, Dr. Roberson first gently massages your teeth to remove rough spots on the roots and surface of your teeth.  This is because such spots readily attract bacteria. To complete your therapy, your Birmingham dental team member removes the plaque build-up from underneath your gum line using an ultrasonic tool, or with gentle scraping.

You might hear your Birmingham dental team refer to gum disease as periodontitis or gingivitis. Because it involves damage to the bones that surround teeth, periodontitis is the more severe of the two conditions. Gingivitis implies more mild gum disease which, when detected early, can easily be prevented from escalating into periodontitis.

Inflammation and bleeding gums are the two most common indicators of gingivitis. This condition responds well to consistent brushing and flossing, but periodontitis requires professional treatment from Dr. Roberson.

As it advances, gum disease can cause significant pain, or in more serious cases, the loss of teeth. Because gum disease provides a way for bacteria to enter and travel throughout your body, it’s also been associated with other serious health conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

Inflammation in your gums can also cause your body to use precious energy fighting it when it should be keeping you safe from more serious diseases (think in terms of a fire department attempting to battle two house fires simultaneously).

Conversely, if it is detected and treated early, you can often reverse gum disease completely!

If you think you might have early or advanced gum disease and in need of scaling and root planing (SRP treatment), we urge you to schedule an appointment with Drs. Darrell and John Roberson for a thorough cleaning and examination. Our doctors and the Roberson Dental team will give you instructions on how to keep your mouth and gums healthy.

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