Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated and ensures the proper working of many bodily functions,  but it also helps protect your dental health. Something as simple as drinking water prevents tooth decay. Fluoridated water, in particular,  provides numerous benefits for your teeth, helping you take care of and protect your smile. This is why experts at Roberson Dental recommend drinking water regularly in addition to brushing and flossing teeth. What are the ways water helps prevent tooth decay and helps promote a healthy mouth? Here are a few of them.

How Water Prevents Tooth Decay

Water and Strong teeth

If you are looking to have strong teeth and prevent against tooth decay, you should consider drinking fluoridated water regularly. Studies show that fluoridated water contributes significantly to stronger, healthy teeth. One study included looking at two communities. The residents of one community had fluoride added to their water source and the other community did not. The residents who had access to fluoridated water had fewer instances of tooth decay. This helps support the idea that fluoride is beneficial for promoting healthy teeth.

Water Keeps your Mouth Clean

Leftover food and unwanted sugar from sweetened drinks promote the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Water helps to wash down these particles while preventing the accumulation of cavity-causing bacteria. In this way drinkingi water prevents tooth decay. Dr. Roberson says that water dilutes acids produced by the bacteria, preventing the acids from wearing the enamel away. Water prevents tooth decay by keeping food particles and debris washed away from the teeth.

Other health benefits

Saliva plays an important role in preventing tooth decay. When saliva supply is low, it is a condition called “dry mouth.” Drinking water helps encourage the saliva to do its job and carry bacteria and particles away from the teeth and gums. In this way, water helps reduce the risk of developing cavities.

Please contact us if you have questions about drinking water and your oral health. Visit your Birmingham dentist for long-term solutions.

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