There are different opinions on whether you should clean your tongue or not. Your Birmingham dentist recommends tongue cleaning if you’re dealing with bad breath. Sometimes, the bacteria on your tongue produces bad odors as it does its job of breaking down germs and food particles. Talk to Dr. Roberson about bad breath that you can’t under control with home remedies, such as mouthwash, regular brushing and tongue cleaning.

The Right Way to Clean Your Tongue

Get in the habit of brushing your tongue when you’re brushing your teeth. Before you put your toothbrush in the holder, take a minute to scrape your tongue. You can use your toothbrush or buy a tongue scraper. Stick your tongue out as far as you can. Use gentle pressure to scrape the buildup on your tongue forward. Rinse and repeat.

Bad Breath Could Be a Bigger Problem

Although bad breath is often the byproduct of bacteria breaking down food particles in the mouth, sometimes, it could indicate a more notable dental problem. Make an appointment with Roberson Dental for a cleaning and exam. Don’t let bad breath take away your self-confidence.

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