Did you know that more than 90% of all American adults will develop at least one cavity which has to be treated in their lifetime? To your Birmingham dental team, that means it’s very important for you to understand what cavities are and how they can be prevented.

What are cavities?

Cavities are the tiny holes which form on your teeth, and which will probably cause you pain or tooth sensitivity when they get big enough. Cavities form when acids in your mouth eat away at the outer layers of your teeth, and then penetrate the softer layers of left untreated. Dr. Roberson of Roberson Dental would like you to remember that as soon as 20 minutes after a meal, acids may form in your mouth as a result of normal breakdown of foods, and those acids can cause problems.

Dealing with plaque

The plaque which forms after you’ve eaten something can be removed by a good program of brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing. If you can remove all this plaque soon after eating, the acids won’t have a chance to eat away at your teeth. You should also make sure to see your Roberson Dental dentist every six months, so that plaque buildup can be removed, and so any other issues can be discovered in a timely fashion and treated.

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