Your Birmingham dental team knows that you worry about tooth health, for you and for your children. And we all know sugar damages teeth. It’s a big reason sugar-free snacks are so popular.

Unfortunately, “sugar-free” snacks and beverages are as harmful as those with sugar. The information comes from an extensive study published by the Oral Health Cooperative Research Center at the University of Melbourne. Researchers tested 15 drinks and 32 sweets on extracted human molars. They compared the effects of food with labels saying “sugar free,” and with sugar. Dr. Roberson wants you to know that according to the reports, there was basically no difference. Both had a negative impact on tooth enamel.

At Roberson Dental, we strongly recommend that you stick to natural snacks like fruits and nuts as much as possible. Drink more water, and make sure to rinse or brush after every meal to flush out any food particles hanging on. Consume sugared or sugar-free snacks and beverages just occasionally, and remember to come into our Birmingham, AL office every six months for your checkup to help your smile stay on track.

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